Success Stories


Helping immigrants from around the world to navigate the U.S. immigration legal system has been very satisfying to me over the past 20 years. Here are a few of their comments.

You can read about my client Yodit Derese's successful asylum case here.

You can read about Bandar Hassan's case here. Bandar was able to come to the U.S. on a special program for interpreters who helped the U.S. military.

S.S., Russia - A proud U.S. Citizen

I've had the privilege of using Teresa's legal services for the past 11 years. Teresa is undoubtedly an expert in the immigration arena, offering exceptional expertise accompanied with great communication skills and the case success rate.

My legal case was the first one of its kind in the state of Oregon, and Teresa spent a lot of time with me going over all case scenarios in detail and making sure I understood every element of the case: from risks and a necessity of having a backup plan to benefits of trying a longer yet a more reliable route to reach a positive end-result.

Teresa's clients always have this bubble of comfort when they are in her office while their lives (and dreams) are being mutilated in the outside world. With pride I highly recommend Teresa Statler to anyone seeking immigration counsel.

B.A.H., Iraq

Teresa, You are one of the best people in my life. Thanks to you, I now have a wonderful life here in the U.S. I am so lucky to be here and I will always remember all the hard work you did for me. Because of you, my life is good now--I go to a good school and I have a good job. I am doing so well here, and soon I will become a U.S. Citizen! Again, thank you so much.

Wilasinee and Ardiana (2)smaller

My happy clients A. from Albania and W. from Thailand, who were coincidentally sworn in together as U.S. Citizens on September 26, 2017 in Portland.

J.G., South Africa

Teresa is an experienced professional who is very approachable and does a great job of making the immigration process easier to understand. Her responsiveness to questions is superb and her efficiency and effective manner are very re-assuring in the handling of your case. Our application was handled in a few weeks instead of a few months! It's not easy to find an immigration lawyer of such high caliber and especially at such reasonable and fairly priced rates.

G.S., Serbia

Teresa changed my life in so many ways and gave me the opportunity to feel human again. The way she handled my case made me comfortable to talk about all the bad experiences and to put them in perspective where they can't harm me anymore. I believe that for this kind of job it's important that somebody approaches it from both sides: as a lawyer who will help you win your case and as a person who will encourage you to overcome problems that we all came here with. I am a happy man now, and after a long time I am free to worry only about everyday situations, and all of that is thanks to the amazing Ms. Statler. I was truly lucky to have her as my representative and I will be eternally grateful to Teresa for giving me my life back.

W.B., The Netherlands

Dear Teresa,

You have done a great job for me and my family over the years. What I remember the most is, that you were always "on fire", willing to help.

My deportation case, you were ready to fight, I never had any real doubts that we could lose the case, you gave me so much confidence, although it didn’t look good at all and you told me so, but somehow I knew you could do it. You believed in it, never let me down, you are a real pro.

Your help with fiancée visa, green cards for C. and the kids went very smoothly. You will always be a part of our family. Without your help, we could not have done it.

A.H., Albania

Teresa helped us navigate the immigration system with ease and be prepared, even when surprises arose. We are so grateful she was our lawyer, and believed in us with such conviction, to fight for us every step of the way. Thank you, Teresa!

A.P. & S. L. Romania

Dear Teresa, thank you very much for all your help. You did a great job for us.  You listened to us and then you explained what our situation was; you told us what we needed to do and all the time you were right.  You helped us to go on the right way.  You have a great attitude and the patience to explain everything.  You changed our lives.  Thank you for everything you have done.

C.P.M. & R.P.M., Mexico

Finding Teresa was the answer to our prayers. Teresa Statler was recommended to us by a friend. We had never needed a lawyer before and felt apprehensive at first. We wanted to apply for a green card for my husband, but our case had some complications. We didn't think we would qualify.

At our first appointment with Teresa, she said that she wouldn't take any case that she didn't think had a good chance for success. It wasn't about the money for her, she really cared, and she didn't want to give us false hopes. We appreciated that she was patient throughout the process; she didn't rush through to the next step without answering our questions or insuring we had all the documents we needed. At the same time our case was going on, friends of ours who used other lawyers were always complaining about mistakes by and lack of communication from their lawyers. This made me more convinced that my husband and I made the right choice in hiring Teresa Statler. We will forever be grateful!